Photographed in YunNan China by Mr. Yau-Sun Tong

BaGuaZhang Training

An excellent internal Kungfu style for those who are interested in lifelong benefits. Also short as "BaGua", this system of traditional Chinese martial art has drawn many followers with it's uniqueness and effectiveness, also known for the beauty of looks when performed. For details description on BaGua, please contact by email below.

Taiji Theory Seminar

This is an 8 hour workshop based on Master Gu Liu-Xin's teachings. There are 8 topics:

  1. Conscious movements under command of the brain.
  2. The springy movements by lengthening the different parts of the body.
  3. The forward and backward diametrically opposed spiraling movements.
  4. The substantial and insubstantial movements under the requirements of an upright straight torso and the complete coordination of all body parts.
  5. The chain actions led by the waist and the full synchronization of internal/external.
  6. Uninterrupted, smooth and magnificent Yangtze River water-like movements.
  7. The processing of softness to hardness and hardness to softness and the correct combination.
  8. From slower to quicker and to slower, the different speeds of practicing in the different learning stages. The different speed of movements in Chen-style Taiji.

An excellent workshop for people who have had some TaiChi experience, and are interested in becoming better. It is essential to know taiji theory in order to advance one's practice!

photo of Master Gu & Mister Tong
Mister Tong poses with Master Gu
many years ago.

Chen-Style Taiji Sword Play Workshop

This will be a 20 to 40 hours or longer workshop depending on the participant's level and ability, and is a wonderful form of exercise and art form as well as a great martial art. Chen style Taiji sword play is an important part of weapons in the Chen style Taiji system, with a long history, carefully refined and deep in technique, it draws great interest from Tai Chi practitioners worldwide, and is a treasure amount the rich cultural heritage in China.

Chen style Taiji sword play is an apparatus form that was developed by the great masters based on Chen Style Tai Chi (TaiJi-Quan) which is the original and father of all styles of Taiji. The whole form contains 58 moves, including more than twenty kinds of sword techniques, and body as well as footwork methods. During the practice of Chen style Taiji sword play, it requires mind-body harmony, with the mind leading the body, footwork follows the hand works, circle spirals, hardness and softness well blended, internal Jin (energy) leading. The whole set of movements needs to be firm and nimble, forward and backward spiraling. When one moves, the complete body moves in harmony together, rhythmic in motion, linking without breakage. This set of sword play is therefore unique with its own characteristics. By learning and practicing this sword form, one will benefit from good physical health, knowing the technique and application of the sword, and also benefit from enjoying and projecting the beauty of this unique art form.

Names of moves in sequence:

1.  Preparation                         30. Swallow dips for mud
2.  East summit holds the Sun           31. Turn body jabbing downwards
3.  Immortal points the way             32. Eagle and bear battle of wits
4.  Flower hides under leaves           33. Swallow dips for mud
5.  Sword towards the Sun               34. Civet cat preys the rat
6.  Ne-Zha ventures the sea             35. Golden rooster shakes its wings
7.  Blue dragon out of water            36. Scooping the moon from sea bottom
8.  Guarding knee both sides            37. Ne-Cha ventures the sea
9.  Sword of closing the gate           38. Rhino gazes up on the moon
10. Blue dragon out of water            39. Gale blows down the grass
11. Turn and split                      40. Slanting flying
12. Come around thrust sword            41. Left holding thousand pounds
13. Slanting flying                     42. Right holding thousand pounds
14. Phoenix spreads the wings           43. Cut wrist left
15. Phoenix nods the head               44. Cut wrist right
16. Spread open grass to seek the snake 45. Sweeping away army of thousands
17. Golden rooster stands on one foot   46. Golden needle over hangs
18. Ne-Cha ventures the sea             47. Bumble bee dips into the flower
19. Covering in circles                 48. White ape presents the fruit
20. Old tree with gnarled roots         49. Drop flowers
21. Hungry tiger springs on the prey    50. Upward jabbing
22. Rolling wheels both sides           51. Downward jabbing
23. Step back and intercept both sides  52. Slanting flying
24. Wild pony leaps over ravine         53. Reach out and jab
25. White snake strikes out its tongue  54. Python tosses
26. Two dragons play with a pearl       55. Wasp strikes out of nest
27. Empty step with sword on top        56. Sword of turning mill stone
28. Step up and thrust slantingly       57. Golden needle points south
29. Black bear flips its back           58. Closing

Chen Style taiji sword play names of move in sequence in Chinese Characters as calligraphied by Master He Bin-Quan given to Mr. Yau-Sun Tong. This sword play is demonstrated by Master He Bin-Quan in Mr. Tong's RARE HISTORICAL VIDEOS.


Master He: hand written Chen-style sword set.

Taiji short stick Workshop

Traditional training methods: Taiji short stick.
Photo: Yau-Sun Tong

stick A half day workshop for those who are interested in learning to use the traditional Taiji short stick (about 40cm long) for practicing spiral circles in order to link the body together.

Taiji Long Staff Training Workshop

A half day workshop for those who are interested in learning one of the traditional old ways to training increase the overall ability, an excellent exercise as well. Usually using a 8 to 10 feet long staff (best with the "white wax wood" staff from China).

Taiji QiGong Workshop

An excellent workshop to learn the traditional methods of Taiji QiGong to increase the ability in Taiji (TaiChi) overall. One or two day workshop.

Taiji Pushing Hands Workshop - TuiShou

Students learning push-hands basics.
Photo: Yau-Sun Tong
Photo:pushhands A one or two day workshop to learn the basic methods and ways of training for the important part of Taiji Pushing-Hands (TuiShou).

Taiji Reeling Silk Movements Exercises Workshop

A half day workshop to learn the most important movements in TaiChi: "spiral movements" to develop the reeling-silk energy (Chan-Si Jing). A particular great workshop for beginners, as well as for those who desire to attain higher levels in taijiquan.

Southern Style Kung-Fu Staff Training Workshop

(Single with Double Ends style)

This workshop may take 15 to 30 hours to complete depending on the individual. The form consists of five parts total of 59 movements, is a great style of staff form, with strong martial arts application and is a great exercise for developing a strong and flexible body. This staff training has the best of the two popular Southern staff styles, the double end style and the single end style. This style requires a staff with a length of about 2.2-2.5 meters.

Self-defense Training Workshop - ChinNa (Qin-Na)

Practicing capture and counter-capture
Photo: Yau-Sun Tong

Photo:QinNa This is a one or two day workshop, good for those who are interested in learning simple yet effective techniques for the practical purposes in dealing with their environment. The workshop gives one the opportunity to learn some methods and techniques in a short condensed time. Participants, thereafter, can then take these skills to practice on their own. These application techniques include capture and counter-capture movements.

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