Teaching Methods

The teaching method has been proven very adaptable to students particularly those who are adults, encouraging learning in a fun interactive, relaxed learning environment, and employing a total emersion experience.

photo of Master Gu  & Yau-Sun Tong
Master Gu instructing Yau-Sun Tong in the early years.

Sifu Tong believes in maintaining a very small comfortable close-knit class with a very low student to master ratio allowing for an extremely high degree of individual attention.

photo: Sifu Tong instructing a student
Sifu Tong instructing a student.

Concentrating on theory to allow the students to conduct themselves, particularly theory based on Grandmaster Gu LiuXin's, the famous taijiquan (TaiChi) practitioner and theorist. Master Gu's book "Chen-style Taijiquan" was first published by Peoples Physical Education Publishing House in 1963 (Chinese only). This classical work, the most authoritative and distinguished of its type, went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies resulting in it being reprinted numerous times since, in large volumes.

Proven to be the most welcome, unique Taijiquan (TaiChi) theory workshops of its type that enables one to elevate their practise to a new higher level is based on Master Gu's teaching and is given periodically by Sifu Tong.

The theory workshop concentrates on the following 8 unique characteristic features of Chen-style Taijiquan (TaiChi):

  1. Conscious movements under command of the brain (Yi).
  2. The springy movements by lengthening the different parts of the body.
  3. The forward and backward diametrically opposed spiraling movements.
  4. The substantial and insubstantial movements under the requirements of an upright straight torso and the complete co-ordination of all body parts.
  5. The chain actions led by the waist and the full synchronization of internal/external.
  6. Uninterrupted, smooth and magnificent Yangtze River water-like movements.
  7. The processing of softness to hardness and hardness to softness and the correct combination.
  8. From slower to quicker and to slower, the different speeds of practicing in the different learning stages. The different speed of movements in Chen-style taijiquan (TaiChi).
Photo: Master Feng with
Yau-Sun Tong with Master Feng Zhi-Qiang in the Temple of Heaven
after morning practice... not far from where Master Feng
conducts his morning class.

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