Master He Bin-Quan

The late Master He Bin-Quan of Shanghai studied under the famous Chen-style taijiquan master, Chen Zhao-Kui (son of Chen Fa-Ke). Master He (pronounced Hur), highly skilled in Chen-style taiji, was well known for his ability to issue internal power in fighting situations.

Captured on video tape in front of Master Gu's residence in Shanghai by Yau-Sun Tong in the early 80's. Master He Bin-Quan (front left) was practicing push-hands with a fellow taiji practitioner while Master Gu (seated back left) looks on.

Master He was very well known in China's wushu circles. For many years Master He was a member of the Shanghai Jing-Wu Association, the secretary of the Shanghai Wushu Association, the head coach of the famous Shanghai wushu team and sparring team at the Shanghai Sports Stadium. Master He is featured in the video "China's Living Treasures Volume 2" and demonstrates part of the Chen-style form.

Master He shared the same room accommodations with Chen Zhao-Kui when he was living and teaching in Shanghai. Master He, who already had an excellent wushu background and was very well known for his wushu ability, learned a great deal of Chen-style secret techniques from Chen Zhao-Kui. The two became great friends and shared their vast wushu experience.

Chen Zhao-Kui

Mister Tong was one of the few students to have trained in Chen-style taijiquan under Master He, and was the only person to have earned the confidence of Master He to document him on video (See Rare Historical Videos) ...including Master He's Chen-style Taiji swords demonstration which had been passed down directly from Chen Zhao-Kui.

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