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Image Captured by Mr. Yau-Sun Tong in Beijing China

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Unique images of Tibet Autonomous region, and other remote areas of China.

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Sifu Yau-Sun Tong has been an active martial artist since his childhood, learning from the great masters of China. Since his arrival in Halifax N.S. Canada, he has been actively promoting the traditional Chinese martial arts; especially the traditional Taijiquan (TaiChi), including:

  • The dynamic original  Chen-style Taijiquan.

  • The Chen-style Taiji sword play  .

  • The graceful and most popular  Yang-style Taiji.

  • Yang-style Taiji Sword play.

  • The practical, efficient Taiji push-hands (TuiShou)  technique (a must for serious Taiji practitioners).

  • A variety of Northern and Southern KungFu styles and weapons.

  • Capture/Counter-capture (ChinNa)  Skills for self-defense.

  • Qigong  exercises for life enhancement and the genuine martial arts practitioner.

  • Silk-Reeling  exercises - spiral movements to develop the reeling-silk energy.

Mister Tong has studied with some of the top grandmasters of China including:

  •  Grand-master Feng Zhi-Qiang; well known Chen-style taijiquan master and famous student of Chen Fa-Ke.  .

  •  Grand-master Gu Liu-Xin well known taiji Grand-master, historian and theorist of Chen and Yang-style taijiquan, he was also a student of Grand-master Yang Cheng-Fu  and Chen Fa-Ke.

  •  Master He Bing-Quan of Shanghai.

  •  Master Chen Chang-Mian renowned Southern-style master.

  •  Master Liu Xue-Bo famous head of the Fan-Zi-Chuo-Jiao system  .

  •  Master Xu Wen-Zhong well known wushu master particularly for his Xing-Yi Ten Animal Form  and his mastery of Fanziquan  .

Since his arrival in Canada, Yau-Sun Tong has maintained his close personal relationship with these great masters by visiting them regularly, thus continuing and advancing his earlier training with China's Living Treasures.

Mister Tong also offers "RARE HISTORICAL VIDEOS" of the performances from the original masters of the 5 styles of taijiquan (taichi). A must see for all serious Taijiquan (TaiChi) students and practitioners!

These are fun topics for many to learn and enjoy, which bring great benefits, adding to one's physical and mental well being!

Terraces in Yunnan, China Mount Huangshan, China

Mister Tong can be contacted:
(902) 443-5500

"You are also welcome to drop by and visit anytime."

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Above images captured by Mr. Yau-Sun Tong in YunNan (left), and Mt. HuangShan (right).

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Image captured by Yau-Sun Tong