Students' Testimonials

Welcome to good Taiji! Depends on your interest, background and ability, we can discuss the best way that may suit your situation and need for your learning or further improvements.

Following the topic, just quickly forward few comments & feedbacks from some of my students, for your reference...

From: Lucas T.
Date: January 2022

Hello Sifu,

The practice has been a lifeline through this difficult past year. It has both put me in great physical shape, and given me a contemplative practice that penetrates every aspect of my life. I find that the insights gleaned are grounded in a philosophy of change and response that I return to over and over again.

The more I learn, the more I realize that I have only just scratched the surface. Rather than being discouraged, it makes me excited that there is still so much to uncover. I feel very lucky to have met such a knowledgeable teacher as yourself. Taiji inspires a genuine love of learning, that I'm sure I will follow for the rest of my life.

From: Justin T.
Date: November 2021

Good morning Master Tong

… I have felt great from the tai chi training. My body naturally feels like it wants to move more fluently, everywhere feels lighter, and looser.

It amazes me how it takes stress and strain off the body, and how my neck and back pain was completely gone. However, I notice if there’s been days where I’ve been stressed, and haven’t done the training lately, pain tends to come back.

I am experimenting with the f8 spiral and as I do the larger movements, I’m trying to remember the concept of the spiral, yin and yang. And having an equilibrium, with balance and center of gravity.

I really enjoy how you say it is a consciousness exercise. When I do the movements and express them in tai chi, it definitely helps center me more. Those are my main focuses as I do tai chi practice. 🕺

Thank you for everything Master Tong! 🙏

From: Josh F.
Date: March 2021

Good morning Sifu.

Tai Chi, and your teaching, are always with me. Whenever I am waiting for food to cook (and in many other situations) I start moving based on Tai Chi principles. I’ve learned a lot, not just about flow and the spiral movement, but about the placement of the feet and the knees, and the interconnection of the whole body. So, I want to thank you for these great teachings. 🙏

From: Nora
Date: December 2020


Really great. I love Chen style Taiji! I'm thoroughly enjoying myself - I look forward to classes and practicing with other people. I enjoy being outdoors and the other people are nice and interesting. I love practicing throughout the day on my own. My body is feeling more relaxed and alive.

I'm starting to get that satisfying feeling when you are learning something - the joy of learning? ...

I'm starting to notice more details when I watch other people - I feel like I can see a little better how the body is moving and relate it to my own body and how it moves. I'm also exploring how to truly relax... to soften... I'm feeling very interested in movement, in general (and stillness).

I really appreciate your help and guidance - your being there and showing us, and talking and giving us pointers (I feel like I learn from your pointers to other people, too). I like the structure of the class - with lots of practice and demonstration - all moving. I really feel like I'm learning from someone who deeply understands Taiji and I am very thankful to be here now.

See you tomorrow!

From: Erik S.
Date: December 2020

Thanks Sifu of course. Thank you for all your wisdom and lessons too 🙏😊 I feel like my Taiji understanding has been on "warp speed" since we've been doing these zoom lectures!

From: Mitch T.
Date: January 2020

Dear Tong Sifu,

It is hard to believe that almost three years have gone by since I began training with you!

Taiji has completely changed how I approach my physical practice, and my body has thanked me for it. I am slowly shedding years of unnecessary tension and replacing it with grace and ease. My legs feel stronger and more capable than when I used to regularly squat and lift heavy weights, and my body awareness and coordination have improved greatly.

The concepts I have learned through training with you have also helped inform my physiotherapy practice, as I now better recognize how much pain and dysfunction can be caused by unnecessary tension in the body. Taiji provides an excellent framework for teaching people how to move better, improve their posture, and enhance their overall health!

Thank you for being so patient with me as I slowly transform my body and abilities, and thank you for always giving so generously of your time! I know that if I continue to work with you and follow your instruction I'm sure to succeed in becoming a fine Taiji practitioner.

Your dedicated student,

Mitch Tate

From: Gerald K.
Date: September 2019

Good Day Sifu Tong.

I just wanted to let you know how I was doing so far. It has only been a few weeks, about 8-10 sessions, but I am already noticing changes in my physical and mental fitness. My legs are getting much better muscle tone and I feel more relaxed and flexible. My concentration has shown a big improvement. You would not have known what I was like before your classes. My wife has also noticed that I am calmer and more controlled in our daily activities.

I had lost a lot of my physical ability over the last 18- 20 years, since I became disabled in an industrial chemical incident. I had lost my ability to work and could no longer participate in any martial arts training. It was a huge loss and caused many mental and physical challenges. Taiji is just what I need. I am regaining some self-confidence and physical capabilities. I am so grateful to have met you and been invited to try Taiji. I only see things getting better.

Thank You Sifu Tong !

From: Timothy D.
Date: June 2019

Dear Sifu,

I lived in Taiwan for three years, trying to learn as much Taiji as possible to treat my painful rheumatoid arthritis. But it wasn't until I recently took your spiral and push-hands workshops, as well as your Taiji theory seminar, that I was able to understand and connect with the “Taiji feeling". I am now able to move my body as a whole rather than a bunch of awkward, clumsy (and stiff) parts.

I seem to be relaxing into positive patterns quickly; including sudden lifestyle changes including diet and dramatic (but healthy) weight loss methods that you suggested. Already, I feel lighter both physically and in spirit. But don't get me wrong, I put a lot of time into practice. And to be honest, I wish I could put even more time into practicing.

Not only am I developing discipline and better health; I am also having fun. Taiji relates to all facets of life. Taiji is integrity. I could go on all day about it's benefits. But it seems most enjoyable when it is practiced. It is my intention to share my experiences with fellow taiji practitioners as well those who, like me, may need encouragement or inspiration in the face of over-whelming physical, or other problems.

Please feel free to spread to share my experience.

Tim Dockrill

From: Ed B.
Date: May 2019

Dear Sifu Tong,

Thank you so much for today, the practice of the Taiji was like never before. Feeling of the spiral movements and chi (Qi) was a solid gain. Practicing with you again after much time away is inspiring. The whole body movement was much clearer and distribution of chi very uniform versus focused at the hands and certain points.

Please pass along greetings and my best regards to the Taiji group.

Thank you again,

Ed Burley

From: Tammy C.
Date: February 2019

Dear Sifu,

I’d like to thank you so much for your time, patience and instruction. Thanks again! Below please find my feedback notes:

"My husband and I were so fortunate to be able to study with Sifu Tong for our first experience with Taiji "TBT training". I would have to say, if someone is a total novice, as both my husband and I were, there would be no better way to come to develop a deep understanding of this art form than through Sifu Tong’s expert guidance. Sifu’s knowledge and practice was shared in a way that helped us to get directly to the heart of what we should strive towards in developing our own understanding and practice. He was extremely patient, yet held strong expectations which in turn, created the perfect environment where I felt I was able to develop a strong foundation to build upon in my personal Taiji practice. Thank you so much Sifu Tong!”

Best Regards,


From: William O.
Date: January 2019

Dear Master Tong,
I'm grateful for the 14 Lessons on Yang style Taiji with theory you have taught me so far. Just the tip of a large volume of knowledge you readily share. Your patience & encouragement imprint quickly as Taiji character. I feel as being taught from the philosophies of the 100 schools of thought. There no comparison to my previous Tai Chi teachers, unaware of full Taiji potentials. Although they did grind through my head a background, and I think dearly of them.

Your whole method is of a niche defined by greater purpose & knowledge. You've introduced & taught from many masters, styles & levels of abilities. Teaching Taiji strategy, spirals, push-hands, full posture. Possibility seems endless. Faithfully, I enjoy your guidance on this Taiji path. Thank-you Master Tong.

All Best Regards, Bill Oulton

From: Kurt T.
Date: January 2019

I was referring to the other people’s supposedly “TBT” not having push hands benefit! Your method definitely has huge benefits for push hands. And full body integrated movement which also influences form.

There’s a lot of weird things being done called Taiji. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to meet you very early in my exposure to Taiji as you helped me develop an eye for authenticity. You kind of made me a "Taiji snob" :)

Can’t thank you enough for priceless lessons learned, and an ongoing relationship that didn’t matter even if I was in chilly Calgary or dusty desert Qatar. ;)

From: Stephen P.
Date: March 2017

Hi Yau-Sun,

I just wanted to thank you for another very interesting push hands session this evening. Even though you have taught us so much more lately I still feel like a novice and realize now why so many Taiji master's are able to keep improving with each passing year. Taiji is truly a very deep art and I believe that only those that are patient and willing to persevere can ever become skilled in it. Of course, you also need a teacher that knows the real art and is willing to share it and I realize how fortunate I have been to have you to teach me even though I may not be the most apt of students.

Thanks for your continued efforts and patience,
- sp

From: Colin T.
Date: February 2017

Good morning,

I wanted also to thank you for the Taiji instruction.

It has been very busy for me this past week but with the practice and the workshop last week I am feeling much better.

As you know I was in 2 car accidents and am working with a Chiropractor for some time. This week was the first time when I was not in as much pain and I know it was the Taiji. I can now move my body better and have less pain.

Insurance companies spend so much on accident recovery - they should include Taiji!

I am glad to have reconnected with you and your teachings and look forward to deepening my practice and making it part of the rest of my life to make it the best of my life. Thank you again!

(Please feel free to share with anyone thinking about Taiji as a way to help with pain, stiffness and injury.)


From: 黄睿
Date: June 2016



Best wish,

From: Yang X.
Date: April 2016

非常感謝昨天晚上能有機會和您以及其他太極拳同學一起聚餐、贈送’陳氏太極拳’一書及學習太極拳理論知識. 作為一門優秀的內家拳種, 太極拳不但可以強身健體, 而且可以讓習練者體悟到中華傳統文化中關於陰陽平衡, 天地人合一的先進哲學思想. 當然, 經過短暫時間的習練, 我已經深深感到要想把太極拳學好并不是一件容易的事情. 不但需要有熱情, 恆心, 而且必須要刻苦專研其理論知識, 并身體力行去在平時習練過程中去體會之. 雖然把太極拳習練好這個目標離我現在的程度還有萬里之遙, 但是我很高興自己終於邁出很重要的第一小步.

Dear Sifu Tong,
Thank you very much for organizing the get together dinner and Taiji theory seminar last night. I really appreciate the book you gave to me and enjoy the opportunity to meet everyone who is also very interested in learning Taiji. As an internal style Chinese martial art, Taiji could not only make one’s body healthier, but also guide the practitioners into the gate of learning traditional but yet advanced Chinese Yin-Yang balance/harmonic nature-human relation philosophy. Through a short period of time learning and practicing Taiji, I realized that it is really not an easy job to play Taiji well. Besides working hard, not to give up easily and keeping enthusiasm, we need to learn and understand the theory and principle of Taiji and then apply the theory and principle to our Taiji practice. Although there are still thousand miles away from being ‘good’ in Taiji for me, I am still proud of myself for actually making a very first step toward Taiji learning.

Best Regards
Xiang Yang

From: jingwei s.
Date: May 2016

老师您好。我在十三岁时受洋人欺负所以跟您学了基本功两月。后来我把您录像带丢了所以溜了。但是您帮我开了武术的门框所以我感谢您。 我学了一点老架子一路和大小红拳阅读兵书。我现在美国工作糊口凑盘缠。 您最近怎么样?

From: Aaron O.
Date: August 2015

Hi Sifu,

I want to thank you deeply for the Taiji training and workshops during my most recent visit to Halifax.

I experienced (and felt!) my understanding of Taiji grow, not just in what I know now, but especially in how much more there is to learn and explore. It is wonderful to know how much more there is waiting for me and I am excited to continue on the journey of learning Taiji. Nothing else makes me feel so relaxed, so energized and so whole.

So, thank you Sifu... not only for this time, but for this wonderful gift of life!

Also, please say hi to the Halifax group for me, especially to Steve, Fraser, and Jason.

Until next time...


From: Charles H.
Date: August 2015

Master Tong,

Pardon the delay in getting back to you. I am still in the midst of a lot of short-term work. Its a lot of fun but I'm working 12-16 hours nearly every day. I have not started working as a road medic yet and unfortunately will not be able to move to NS this year...

I hope we will have a chance to visit soon and we both like the idea of living in NS...

I really appreciated that article by JJ Meehan, it helped me understand some of the evolution of "Hun Yuan" from Chen style and some of the unique approaches taken by various Taiji practitioners I have encountered. It put into writing some of the sense I developed from participating in the Beijing Hun Yuan group. It has been nearly ten years since I first began training with you and I feel I am still very much in the process of discovering what "Taiji" is... or more importantly, how it manifests in me. Every time I believe I am coming to understand it, I encounter some new aspect or element which I had not considered and I am left feeling like an absolute beginner all over again. So much to learn, so little time...
I would like to give you a call but only when I'm in the right state of mind for a nice relaxed chat...


I might add that the biggest change in ten years is that when I started, I was greedy for some special skill or fancy movement, I wanted to grasp something, to gain something. Now my practice is simply about being fascinated with the experience of moving and being... like when walking in a park and seeing some ants busy building their nest and taking some time relaxing and forgetting ones troubles, watching them work.

From: Kelly O.
Date: January 2015

Hi Master Tong!

How is life in Halifax? Immediately upon leaving I wanted to return, I miss the ocean and the opportunity to receive such quality Taiji instruction and practice. I am again practicing regularly now, after slacking over the holidays. I am also practicing qi gong daily, which is helping greatly with my health and Taiji feel.
I was hoping to return to Halifax this summer for my co-op placement, however today I was offered a job in BC, I would have the opportunity to work with my brother, and attempt some mountaineering on the weekends!
I am curious of any insight you may have into mountain exploration, as someone who has traveled such varying environments. It recently occurred to me as an excellent expression of self mastery (the drive behind achieving wellness and skill in Taiji), and I intend to gratefully accept the opportunity see the west and the mountains.
I still intend to return to Halifax upon finishing school (winter/spring 2016), to continue to learn from you! Your teaching has changed the way I perceive things subtly, both in motion and in cognition and I am very thankful! Meeting various "teachers" all the time at college, I recognize consistently what a rare opportunity it is to learn from someone with your style and cultivation of skill (in any field of instruction!). I appreciate your continued e-mails, they reinforce my Taiji enthusiasm!

Kelly Outram

From: Reuven S.
Date: February 2015

Dear Master Tong, it is so nice to hear from you.
I am about to finish medical school in NYC and will be starting a residency soon in internal medicine or family medicine. I do miss Halifax very much, however it looks like I will be continuing training either in NYC, Chicago or Connecticut. One day I hope to return to Halifax...

Reuven S.

From: George B W.
Date: February 2015

Dear Master Tong,

I’m writing you from my apartment here in Kingston. The sun is shining on the last day... It’s just a note to say thank you for being a mentor to me this past year. You celebrated my progress, but most of all, you constantly challenged my mind, body and spirit to be more attuned, more aware, and more open.

It was only a year ago that we met, but in my Dalhousie career, I know that it is what I learned from you in our outdoor off-campus public garden / parking lot classroom that has had the greatest impact on me. I admit, I have not practiced Taiji since moving to Kingston, and I hope to resume practice again someday (hopefully in Halifax), but your teachings are with me in other ways every day. Every time I catch myself being dishonest with myself, I become more aware. Every time I am discouraged by a goal that seems too big, a voice says “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

I still try to live and move like a boat floating on water. And I still find places outside to meditate and empty my mind - one breathe at a time. I hope you enjoy this story about the student and the piano teacher. When I read it, I felt it. Thank you Master Tong.

All my best,


From: Kurt T.
Date: May 2015

Hi Master Tong,

Hope you're doing well.

It's getting hot in a hurry here in Qatar! High 30s/low 40s most of the time now.

This photo you sent brought back good memories of many hours of training, lots of fun with push hands, and just enjoying the fresh air outdoors.

I also remember a cold, -38 morning when you had us practice some kicks to help get the circulation back into our freezing toes. It worked! We were still out there for over two hours.

Nothing stopped us from being out there. It was amazing. I miss it a lot.

Thinking of you and our lovely crew of Taiji enthusiasts. You inspire a lot of tenacity and strong spirit.

I need to find my way back into regular practice. I find ways of sneaking in a few quiet little spirals while waiting standing in an elevator. Or thinking of ways to use my Center of mass to push/pull simple things - even open doors - and I'm sure it's the reason I almost never have had back pain, even with a 20 pound daughter to carry around sometimes!

Taiji makes you integrate principles of body mechanics. You do it in "real time" with push hands - meaning, with the unpredictability that comes from interacting with another human being. It's great stuff.

Forms consolidate that information with mindfulness and attention paid to detail. And attention paid to how our body feels. We call it proprioception- a body's awareness of itself and its position(s) in space. The more a person develops this sense, they more easily hey protect their joints and muscles from injury and abuse. With it, your body is quicker at giving you warning signs, so you can fix a faulty movement or habit sooner. It's a complicated play of neurological input from our sensory systems and output of motor control from our brains. It's a deeply scientific exercise, if people just understood a small amount of its benefit for long term health many more people would jump on the Taiji wagon.

But the benefits aren't just physical. Besides the social fun of being with other people, the increased circulation to your brain during such exercise (in fact any exercise that's enough to get your heart rate up a bit) brings more alertness, and over a period of months starts to increase your protection against many diseases and ailments, from heart attacks/ strokes, to depression, anxiety or stress, even cancer (assuming you couple it with other healthy habits, like good balanced eating!). Add to those protective aspects just that it makes you feel awesome!

You do a great job championing the art and the healthy living of Taiji.

Keep it up ;)

Now I just need to get back on it myself.

Sorry just had to share some random reflections. Feeling a bit homesick lately.
Feel free to share.

All the best,

With much respect,

From: Tim H.
Date: May 2015

Good evening

I am writing this short note to thank you for taking the time to discuss (and explain!) some classical taijiquan theory with me. For the past week and a half I have been mulling over a few of the points, and I continue to realize the profound significance; the statements and lessons are at once simple and tremendously complex; easy to understand and seemingly impossible to grasp.

"Practice is more than just exercise"


From: Jason R.
Date: April 2015

Good Evening Sifu,

I hope all is well.

Just thinking tonight how strange life is...I've been to China 4 times searched for good instruction on Chinese Martial Arts each time. And here in my own backyard of Halifax is probably the best teacher I could ever find. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

After only a few months of training the health benefits of Taiji are very noticeable. Loss of fat, improved balance and flow of movement, increased energy and positive attitude just to name a few. Even alleviated my back pain and is improving my posture.

So glad to have met a teacher who promotes 'well being' and is able to pass on Ancient Chinese techniques for relaxation in this busy, superficial, modern world we live in. When you slow it all down you see things in less of a blur and have more clarity and focus.

Looking forward to discovering more about Taiji and the outstanding benefits it provides to the practitioner.

Have a good one.

Best Regards,

From: James N.
Date: January 2015

Hi Mst. Tong,

Here are a few of the notes I had made recently regarding the comments I mentioned, continuation of reflection.

This fall/winter has been a great return to the group for practice and development of my personal work. I have been contemplating much more of the theory and incorporating it in application, which has served to a progressive development of feeling, like peeling back the layers of an onion. Working with the different persons has served to practicing to maintain my feeling, while learning to deal with others in a various scenarios. Considering Yi, intention, has been a important and deeply interesting aspect of this. Also, considering that there is often much "Yang" and not enough "Yin", has lead to a new view on how to deal with a situation. All in all, doing push hands has lead to a better feeling in form, which again leads to a better feeling in push hands.

Recently, I have been feeling much more of the moments where I am too much "Dui", where I may be ‘caught’ or filled in. The feeling is much better, and at least I am aware of the moment where things need improvement. Likewise, in push hands, I can feel my reactions, even subtle, where I tense or collapse though I want otherwise. It is awareness of these moments which is helpful and pivotal. Even if I have not quite yet changed them or my instinctual reaction, at least I can sense where I need improvement. This often roots in my mental state, which has become increasingly important in my functional practice. There have been a few instances that I have felt disrupted in my mental state leading to less smooth movement and practice. This connection with Yi, Ling, and Song has become quite apparent. To have "Ting-jin", I must embody the Yi, Ling and Song, a very interesting realization. As you has mentioned, Taiji is a mindset. So even though I may react unconsciously with a tension, I am aware of the moment it begins. So, I work to be more sensitive to those moments, to have a new reaction, an action where I "Hua" more naturally. To be internally tranquil in all moments, and especially in moments of external disruption is what I consider a worthy objective of study.

Practice has been great, and I thank the group for participating in all of our continual development!
Happy New Year 2015!! May we all have continual benefit and growth!


From: Jamie O.
Date: January 2015

Sifu Tong,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for accepting me as your student last November.

As you know, I am very new to Taiji.
In a very short period of time, I have enjoyed the challenge of actually trying to connect, and coordinate my body, and mind. As I have stated (and you know) , it has been challenging for me from day one. I have found great satisfaction in seeing (and feeling) small improvements in my mind/body coordination over time.

Before joining your school last November, I was bothered by a constant nagging pain in my left hip. With a few weeks of training, and home practice, and regular stretching, I'm happy to say that the pain has subsided to a great degree. Thank you.

I would also like to thank your students, in particular those senior students, who have been patient, and very willing to help me improve at every opportunity.


Jamie O'Leary

From: Tim H.
Date: December 2014

Good afternoon

I trust you had an uneventful return journey to Nova Scotia.

This is just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed your (too short) visit with us in Guelph. We really enjoyed reminiscing about our SW & NE China expedition. We think often of all the sights, sounds, and especially the varied and delicious food. And it was great to see the legend Master Li He-Sheng at 86 teaching in the park in Beijing.

Also, let me thank you again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and teaching while here. The discussion and practice of "song jin" (松) in all aspects of Taiji was particularly germane, and has already helped me to improve.

It has been almost 15 years since I first joined your Taiji group in the Gardens. Since then, having lived and worked all over Canada, I have really come to appreciate having such a great teacher. It is a rare privilege and should not be taken for granted.

Please pass on my best wishes for the new year to the rest of the Taiji group, both new and old.

See you soon,

From: Aaron A.
Date: October 2014

I can see the vast potential from "good" learning and practice, and I understand as well through push hands that one of the principle barriers to understanding is to listen and not get in the way of what is happening. When pushed over its not the opponent that does that but something you have done to yourself, with this view every opponent is a valuable mirror showing you your real self.

I can see why you said that to learn Taiji without push hands is not true Taiji...

From: Alfredo W.
Date: October 2014

Hello Master Tong.

After speaking with you over the phone a few days ago. I had a chance to meditate on our conversation. First I would like to say that it is indeed a pleasure for me to have a somewhat distant relation with you and I wish that we can both meet and become friends in person as well. Your advise to me is very appreciated. As if though my training has been influenced and recharge to examine the deeper meaning of practical theory and principles of Chen taiji quan. If only I live 2 hours away it would be refreshing and most advantageous.

It is clear to me that you are someone who inspires confidence and provide step by step direction and guidance to your practitioners and friends though we are separated by continents. I would envy the person who is only a distant train ride away as the time to travel would be beneficial time to meditate on the lesson and the knowledge you instill.

When I described to you the way I felt after and during practising Chen style your feedback was "it is good that I feel this way" I realises that one would only know this from ones own experience and feelings. You have the most rare and fortunate events of circumstances, studying with famous teachers and learning from reputable figures in Chen style. Your love for teaching and spreading accurate taichi methods is a rare gem. As you have left me with a lasting impression of you I am sure all of your students and friends that you meet whether at seminars or at workshops, feel the same way.

Master Tong If you ever would consider to living in Jamaica or staying, I would help you regarding location and real estate I will be your eyes on the ground here. I am only interested in becoming your friend and practitioner. I would love to study under your guidance the correct way to emulate forms, push hands, nei gong circulation and jing cultivation.

My plan is to advertise your website with every opportunity in order to develop a following get and interest in your teachings here in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Master Tong I would love to hear more about your stories and experiences from past master and teachings.

Kind regards,
Your friend.


From: Jeff C.
Date: October 2014

Dear Yau-Sun,

The wonder of taiji has never been far from my mind! Since our encounter I notice a subtle but profound change not only in the way I move but in the way I do everything. I seem to be allowing myself the same kind of care I routinely give others. How does this unfold unintentionally from a single practice in taiji? You said that taiji is nature. Am I returning to the natural motion of the heart? That is certainly my feeling, and it has not faded. What a gift!

I want to thank you for this gift. When we first met I was immediately moved by your kindness, the depth of your presence.

I gather from your students' emails and your website that taiji includes the whole range from push hands to weapons to qi gong and mobilizing of energy meridians. I want to practice it all...!

As for programs, will you be available in November or December if I can come in for a weekend with some private lessons? Does it seem viable for me to come in every 4-8 weeks? You asked which is closest to my heart, the Yang, Chen, or short-form Chen that we practiced. Ultimately I want to follow them all but perhaps it is most practical now for me to focus on the Chen short form, as I could more readily practice the fundamentals at home this way? (Being able to practice every day is indeed closest to my heart!)

I will look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, Jeff

From: Glenn K.
Date: February 2014

Master Tong,

I wanted to write you to let you know how much I appreciate learning taiji from you. I remember you saying that starting taiji is like planting the seed, and doing the "work" is like watering the seed. Even though you have planted and watered the seed, at first it appears that nothing is happening but if you keep praticing and really apply your mind one day that seed will sprout and you will have noticeable growth in your pursuit of understanding what taiji is.

The seminars that you have offered have been of great value to me they have really helped me start to grasp the theory which is so fundamental to the practice . I feel like the seed has just started to sprout it took some time and the theory is what really helped the "work" be more efficient, I can see how practicing for a long time not yeilding results might be frustrating to some but when ever I feel that way I remember what you say about the seed. Even though it seems like nothing is happening there is lots going on under the surface.

Thank you again Master Tong I look forward to our next meeting

In Friendship,

Glenn Knockwood

From: George W.
Date: January 2014

Good evening Master Tong,

Thank you for forwarding these wise words from Chris. He sounds like an inspiring practitioner with his stories of traveling and family.
I can really relate to his memories of Halifax, only for me it is not a memory, it is a current reality!
I feel like the "young foolish man" Chris speaks of!

I know that I could be more dedicated to taiji, and I strive to be. But not a day goes by that I don't feel grateful for your teaching. Even going home for Christmas made me realize how lucky I am to be able to train with you in Halifax just by walking a few blocks.
But Chris was also right about pace, I am learning the value of Taiji in my own time, and I cherish your patience.

You know that I could be training harder, and that motivates me. However, if there's one thing I am truly feeling good about in these first few months of training, it is how I have opened my heart to the spirit of taiji. Since October, the spirit has grown and stayed with me, when I'm walking down the street, when I'm lying in bed, when I'm listening to someone speak. This part of the training feels like it's going very well, and I thank you for your poetic metaphors and good humour that has opened my eyes to the spirit.

2014 is a new year. The spring will come quickly and I look forward to moving forward with you in good taiji, one step at a time.


From: Chris D.
Date: January 2014

... ... I've been thinking about you and was going to write to discuss your potential help in guiding me in restarting my qigong and taijiquan practices.

For a workshop here in BC on The Sunshine Coast. Would a two week intensive in Hunyuan qigong, chan si gong, and 24 Hunyuan taijiquan be reasonable for people? As for my self personally I would love to receive teachings from you in Hunyuan gonfas: sitting gong (shen gong?), standing gong, chan si gong and ruler gong. We would be able to host you here at our house... ...

As the years have passed since I lived above you at your house in Halifax, I've always looked back and thought of how lucky I was to have trained with you. Being a younger foolish man, however, I didn't realize the treasure that I had living under me. And of coure, once the demands of being a chef and father of three really kicked in, my time for, and my training fell to the side. Over the years, I have looked back and sometimes wished that I had listened more, practiced harder, asked more questions. And, of course, practiced harder ;))

But, such is life, and we must all learn at our own pace I suppose. After coming out west and continuing my training under a well know master in a big school, I missed the personalized instruction and attentive care that I was able to get under your tutelage. Even though I received several gold, silver, and bronze medals in local from competitions. And I was even certified to teach the 24 international simplified yang style routine, as well as the 48 mixed routine and 32 sword, I always thought back to my early training in Chen style taijiquan from you, and wanted to go back to that style only and focus on it to learn in greater depth. Wether it was form training, qigong, tuishou, or any other facet, you always ensures that each student was corrected and guided. I did miss that personal touch while at said big wushu school. I sincerely hope that by rekindling my practice of zhang zhuan, Hunyuan qigong, and dantien gong, that I may build a solid foundation or when the time may come that I will be able to train with you again.

Many thanks... I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

All the best in your training, teaching and travels.

Warm regards

Chris Donnahee

From: Kenny Y.
Date: January 2013

Once again, thank you Sifu for your guidance. I will forever be indebted to you... I will also never forget the good morning practice outdoors on the cold fresh air in Nova Scotia with Sifu, Steve and the Praying Mantis guy (I forgot his name).

Hahaha... Anyway, your photos show a very good balance of Yin and Yang. They achieve harmony by combining these forces.
Stillness really do set everything in order, isn't it, Sifu?

It seems there is Taiji in everything you do. No wonder all your photos look so great. Keep up the good work! Happy New Year to you, Sifu.

Your student,
Kenny Yau

From: Kenny Y.
Date: December 2012

Dear Sifu,
Thanks for the compliment, Sifu. I really enjoyed the time when I am training under you. You really taught me well
and built my interest in the art. I am sure your photographic people and Taiji students feel the same way too.
Too bad I do not have the fate nor opportunity to meet your teachers, my SiGongs.
Should you able to find some time to come to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, do give me a call. ... I will try to be your
best photographic tour guide ever. Anyway, hope to see you soon. Happy Boxing Day Master Yau-Sun Tong...

Your student,
Kenny Yau