Master Xu Wen-Zhong

The late Master Xu Wen-Zhong was a well known wushu (Kungfu) master particularly well known for his Xing-Yi Ten Animal Style and also his Fan-Zi Style in the Shanghai area. His agility, flexibility, internal power, speed and spirit was vividly displayed even in his late 70's. Aside from his superior martial arts skill Master Xu was a wonderful human-being, he was like a caring, gentle grandfather to his students.

Master Xu Wen-Zhong in his prime at age 76.
Photo of Master Xu taken by Mister Tong.
Image captured by Yau-Sun Tong.

The rare and wonderful Coral Dragon Internal Swordplay handed down from Master Xu, was vividly captured on video tape by Yau-Sun Tong as it was performed by Master Xu's son - a superior martial artist, as his father looks on.

photo: Master Xu poses
Master Xu: Stand with one leg
Photo taken by Yau-Sun Tong.

Master Gu Liu-Xin, the famous Chen stylist, introduced Mister Tong to Master Xu. Mister Tong undertook serious wushu training as Master Xu's student.

Photo: Tong & Xu
Mister Tong with Master Xu in his home.

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