Comments on the
"Historic Masters Performances" videos

Thank you for your visiting. For your reference these are comments from viewers of the "Historic Masters Performances" TaiChi tapes. These are only a few of the many letters of appreciation we have received from around the world.
Please feel free to contact me for ordering.

Best regards,
Y.S. Tong


"The first volume of Historic Masters Performances is extraordinary."
Thanks again,
Luis Soldevila

"The tape is outstanding! It was a big help to me in unlocking some mysteries on several of the postures. I believe it is a fantastic display of the representative styles, and I am recommending it to everyone I know!
Thanks so much!"
Bruce Ballai

"The tapes arrived. We watched them all right away. What treasures they truly are. And these Masters make it all look so easy.

"Thanks again for making these historical tapes available. It is surely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
Rose and Fred

"Yes, as soon as I had emailed you, the tapes (#1 & #2) came through the mail, the next day. I can gladly say that the tapes were of:

  1. utmost authenticity (especially with respect to Ma Yueh-liang & Wu Ying Hwa)
  2. excellent quality, considering their vintage
  3. showed excellent similarity, yet subtle differences between various grandmasters (e.g.. Wu, Hao, Yang, Chen & Sun)

"I am "110%" happy that I have invested in these two tapes. They (tai chi chuan) are absolutely one of China's national treasure that should be promoted and disseminated liberally. It would be a horrible shame should the true tai chi chuan skills die with the grandmasters and thus, dwindle to no more than a mere set of "exercise in motion".
"Anyway, you're an important custodian of these treasured master tapes.
Thanks for sharing them with the general tai chi public. I would not> hesitate to recommend to these interested in purchasing them to do just that - purchase them."
With best regards,
Barry Mah

"You were right. INCREDIBLE for any Wu style practitioner. I've got books about fast form written by Ma Yueh liang, but unfortunately the drawings are sooo poor, one really can't know what that form looks like.

"Now I have the best material to teach oneself. Long form performed by Wu Ying Hua, helped me A LOT.

"I've collected a lot of materials about different Kung fu styles, different Tai chi systems, especially Wu Jianquan style which is my preferred. Your tape is THE BEST material I've ever bought."
Best regards,
Piotr Ochniowski

"I got the tape #1 last Friday and watched it during the weekend. The performance is fantastic.

Thanks for the tape, it is great to watch the real Taiji performance. I feel nowadays taiji is indeed too much watered-down."
Xiaofeng Cheng

"Wanted to report what an extraordinary experience it was to view the videos--a trip into the history of tai chi with one legendary player after the next performing their forms. How fortunate that someone took the time and effort to film these people before they passed on. It's extraordinary that so many "tai chi celebrities" would agree to be filmed in this way.

"Thanks for sharing this treasure. I do various tai chi forms and often wonder whether the way I'm doing some gesture or other conforms with traditional practice. Now I don't have to wonder any more--I'll just look at the forms as demonstrated by these stars."
Be well
Stan Bernstein

"I have received the 2 tapes and they are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the prompt delivery.

I have much more appreciation now for the art, after seeing the masters perform. It was like taking a glimpse in time. I would definitely recommend them."
Thanks much,
Henry Castasus

"I feel very fortunate to be able to watch these tapes, they are indeed a piece of valuable history of Tai Chi. My teacher Li Pin-Yin was a favourite student of the late grandmaster Pu Bin-Ru in the video. He also met and learned from a few of the masters in the tapes such as master Fu, Ma, Wu. I, have heard so much about them and was always feeling sorry that I do not have the opportunity to see their performance personally. I feel extremely lucky to have found these tapes, and I am deeply appreciated that you would share these tapes with all the people in the Tai Chi community."
Many thanks!
Anben Hwang

"I received my order of Masters Tape 2 yesterday, just before heading off to my Tai Chi Chuan class. Despite the age of the films the content of this video is very informative and inspiring. To see the look of delight in Master Ma's face after he completes his Wu fast set, warms my heart. The backdrop for the performances of Wu style seems almost mystical in its beauty, like an old painting.

Many questions about execution and application of the movements of Wu Style Fast Form and Tai Chi will be answered with each viewing."
Many thanks,
Stan Dunn

"Video #1 is worth of all the money, for the first time when I saw madam Wu's form, I realized the original Wu style wasn't meant to lean that much after-all. And, Fu's form has so much of Yang Cheng-fu's flavour, and a strong evidence that Yang Zhen-Dou was learned from Fu.
"Video #2 is a great tribute to Grandmaster Ma, it is very enjoyable to see him do the Wu Fast form in his not-too-old age.
"Video #3 has a wonderful set play of madam Pu's sword sparring, it made me repeated watching for few times. Gu's Push Hands and Da Lu demonstrations are good, too.

"These are truly priceless treasures of Tai Chi Grandmasters, they are the sources of future generations."
Thanks, master Tong.
David Chen

"The tape arrived today and it was very interesting to see Ma Yuehliang and Wu Yinghua performing the Wu Style forms. Having studied with their granddaughter and read about the history of Wu Style Taichichuan it was great to see a record of these masters in action.

"I was also intrigued to see the clip of the Wu Style Fast form, having seen it demonstrated only once, so I will now be able to observe the form in more detail.

"As for the long form, It would appear that Wu YingHua taught her granddaughter (Dr.Ye Jin) very well, because on seeing the film I was immediately reminded of the form as I have seen it demonstrated by Dr Ye. She has the same graceful flow and much of the fine detail noted in the film. Having seen the photographed sequence of the form in Wu Yinghua's book it was great to see this film of it.

"As you state on your website these are very rare records of Wu style masters performing and I am glad to have the opportunity to see them. Thanks for making them available."
Thanks again
Graeme Chappell

"I purchased the first 2 videos awhile back. I enjoyed them very much. I would like to order the 3rd & 4th."
Thank you,

"I received the video yesterday and it was truly magnificent - it was wonderful watching all the different masters perform the different styles of t'ai chi. Watching Master Hao perform was quite an inspiration, both with regards to the form as a whole and the push-hands as well."
Danilo Marrone

"I received the tapes yesterday. I enjoyed watching both of them, especially tape # 1. This has been a very motivating experience for me.

Thank you so much for making these classic films available on video. I wish you the very best in all of your efforts."
Ryan Lee