Master Chen Chang-Mian

Master Chen Chang-Mian was a well known wushu (Kungfu) master specializing in southern-style (Nan Quan) wushu. Until he retired he was the head coach of the GuangDong provincial wushu team.


Nan Quan is a form of Chinese boxing with a rather long history and a lot of schools. Nan Quan, which is relatively popular in various parts of GuangDong Province each system having different style and features from the others. To form this series of Chinese boxing, the essentials of the different postures of the various schools were systemized and summed up. As a result, a series of systematic and integrated United Nan Quan has been created. It has terse postures which enable every part of the body to be fully toughened, so young people are very eager to practise. Practicing the various styles within the Nan Quan system gives one great benefits.

Since his teenage years in GuangZhou, China, Mister Tong was an avid Southern-style practitioner training under Master Chen and various coaches. Mister Tong received most of his Southern-style wushu skills from Master Chen in that time period.

Mister Tong teaches those students who are seriously interested in learning this Southern-style.

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